Reinvesting at source

With our support, the co-operative has been able to reinvest in the coffee production process. In 2018 our investment paid for the installation of a new washing station and a new de-pulping machine.

Paying school fees

We are currently paying the full school tuition fees for two bright young boys (Yamanya and Laurente) who come from the small farming village of Bwengu, not far from where our coffee is grown. We are proud that we are able to support children with potential, giving them the opportunity to go to better schools and get into further or vocational education.

Funding community sport

We are committed to supporting a Malawian run community organisation called Saved By the Ball (SBB). SBB strives to provide educational and public health advice through engaging children and young people in tennis. 

We have provided them with tennis equipment and sponsored their most recent tournament, aimed at raising aspirations, developing talent and awareness of education.